Our Partners

We have created two unique opportunities for our Host Facility Partners when we work together.  Here's how it works!

  1. Gyms - There is no direct cost to your organization. Your clients pay for the testing services directly so that means no additional costs incurred to you.  That's great...what else?  Because of our structure, we've created a Host Facility Rebate Program for each of our partners.  What that means is that our testing services are now an additional revenue source for you.  You receive a percentage of every test performed.  The more clients we test, the higher the percentage you receive so there's a vested interest in both our parties to promote our event.  That simple...and it works.
  2. Sports Teams, Clubs, Corporate Wellness and Large Groups - What we do for these types of organizations is offer deeply discounted rates based on group sizes.  Please Contact Us directly to see how Bio.Metrics Inc. can take your organization to the next level.

Shell Canada    *    Orange Theory Fitness    *    Fit Body Boot Camp

Pure Fitness CrossFit    *    Badlands Community Facility (Drumheller)

Ignite Fitness    *    Spin & Power    *    CrossFit Leduc    *    Anytime Fitness

CrossFit Framework    *    Gun It CrossFit    *   Bond Nutrition

Alberta Energy Regulator    *    CrossFit 403    *    City of Red Deer







As Tri-umph – Red Deer Triathon Club is full of Endurance Athletes, we recognize the value in knowing everything about our bodies in order to train better, recover well, and race at the top of our potential.

I approached Gregg with Bio.Metrics about doing VO2 testing and Body Composition. The VO2 reveals our current level of fitness and the Body Composition test determines any level of muscle density imbalances or inadequacies so we knew what to work on to improve fitness. The testing equipment is state of the art and the thing we really liked was their mobile testing lab that was able to come to a facility where we were hosting a Triathlon camp.  They were very professional in how they executed the tests and how they communicated the results.

I then later inquired about Lactate Threshold testing which is the pinnacle training method among endurance athletes. He researched and brought in the testing equipment and software. Gregg explained the testing process clearly which helped us to understand why the process was being done. Based on the results, we are able to set up our entire training year with workouts precisely added at different heart rate zones to achieve stronger race goals.

I highly recommend Bio.Metrics to any individual or group looking to train for endurance performance or potentially even those in the body building realm. Learning from the results has the potential to take any athlete to a higher level if that athlete chooses to apply it to their training going forward.

We approached Bio.Metrics Inc. because we wanted detailed information regarding body fat & water retention.  They helped us to understand where most of our lean mass is, which opened our eyes to how untreated injuries are creating compensation patterns. One thing we liked was Gregg's expertise and explaining each section clearly.  We found the experience to be excellent!

Kevin Kwan, Owner
CrossFit Athlete Inside

We asked Bio.Metrics Inc. to assist us with some base-line body composition and VO2 Max testing for our competitive athletes. After a discussion with Gregg, Bio.Metrics Inc. came to our facility and performed the testing.  Gregg provided a fantastic, cost effective and non-invasive way to accurately perform these tests. Gregg also explained to each person exactly what to expect before, during and after testing. I was impressed with the level of precision of the measurements. Gregg and Natasha are great to work with and I would strongly recommend BIO.METRICS Inc. to anyone looking for Body composition and metabolic testing.

David Swagar, Clinical Director & Owner
CrossFit MOST

We highly recommend Bio.Metrics Inc. to everyone! It's a great tool to help our clients see exactly what their body composition is & then helps them set realistic goals. It allows us, the trainers, to see where we can help our clients see even better results.

Christine McLeod, Owner
Tri Fit Training

We approached Bio.Metrics Inc. because we know how important accurate numbers are when developing a healthy, strong body.  They helped us understand that healthy calories are important for building a strong body. We learned how many calories we need to sustain the muscle we worked so hard to put on.   One thing we liked was their extremely convenient and professional trailer that had all the necessary equipment we needed to get the most accurate information.  We found the experience to be smooth and quick thanks to the amazing, well educated owner and director, Gregg.  We would recommend Bio.Metrics Inc. to people who value the power of the numbers and everyone should know their numbers in order to plan and implement a successful nutritional program to maximize their results.

Angie Tomsha, Isabody Finalist