Welcome to Bio.Metrics Inc. Mobile Sport Performance Testing Lab servicing the province of Alberta!

Bio.Metrics Inc. in Red Deer, Alberta is a Mobile Sport Performance Testing Lab providing state of the art Body Composition (Fat)VO2Max, Lactate Threshold Testing and Resting Metabolic Rate. We contribute to you and your clients success, development and effectiveness by bringing these cutting edge technologies right to you in our state of the art mobile lab.  Our purpose is to make these highly accurate technologies readily available to sports teams, fitness facilities, corporate wellness programs, nutritionists, athletes and all people interested in improving their health and fitness. Our service model takes us to Edmonton, Calgary and everywhere between in the province of Alberta. We are dedicated to your health and offer guidance and support for every level of fitness. No matter what the results may be, we're dedicated to help you achieve the next level of your fitness goals. The Bio.Metrics Inc. community encourages personal growth and offers the positive motivation you need to succeed.

  • Testing dates in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer plus surrounding areas
  • Using the most advanced, accurate and noninvasive technology available today
  • Discounted multiple test packages available for any assortment of tests
  • Professional and knowledgeable staff
  • Alberta's FIRST Mobile Sport Performance Testing Lab
  • Where you'll see us:
    • Gyms & Community Centres - Facilitating Before & After Testing for Transformation Challenges or Quarterly Accountability Testing
    • Sports Teams & Clubs - Before & After Performance Testing to Evaluate the Effects of Training Programs
    • Corporate Wellness - Various Programs including Quarterly Accountability Testing to increase employee engagement, reduce health insurance premiums and improved operational efficiencies via reduction of the following - absenteeism, long term disability, loss of productivity, employee turnover and premature death
    • Races, Competitions & Special Events - sponsorship or donations for marathons, triathlons (any kind of competition really), store grand openings and charities

Why Get Tested?

This is the #1 question we get...by far! In fact, there's 4 reasons why regular testing is valuable to your training program.

  1. Find Your Baseline - How are you going to reach your goals when you don't even know where you started?
  2. Track Your Progress - Are your programs giving you the results you want? If they are...GREAT! Keep doing what your doing. If NOT, this brings us to the most powerful reason why you should perform regular testing.  Without this knowledge you could literally waste months or even years in the gym before making a change in your programming, which brings us to point #3...
  3. Tweak Your Programming - We now have the opportunity to make changes to your nutrition and training programs so we can...
  4. Achieve Results Faster - Unless you have 6 hours a day to hang out in a gym then getting some testing done may not be for you... ; )


  • GOAL of Fat Loss and/or Muscle Gain - Body Fat/Composition Test
  • GOAL of Performance Improvements - VO2Max

How do I book an appointment?

  1. Decide what test or tests you'd like.  Check your options on our Testing Services tab, Body Fat or VO2.
  2. Go to Prices tab to select any combination of testing you'd like. (*You can purchase here if you're not sure of when or where you'd like to test.)
  3. Go to Events tab to see when we're going to be in your area.
  4. Go to Appointments tab to book your test.
  5. Click Sign Up and log in or create a new account to complete the payment process.
  6. Done...see you on test day!